Tondavali Beach

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Beaches » Tondavali Beach

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Located at about an hour drive away from vengurla where golven resort is located, Tondavli village is another virgin beach, between Kalaval bay at east and Arabian seas at west, which of course implies that the whole beach has an aura of cleanliness about it.

Tondavali is a unique experience.

Go for water sports like Sailing in the creek, riding water-scooter, Banana-ride etc. ; or do ‘Dolphin-sighting’ without going in far into sea. Tondavali Beach is perhaps the true manifestation of an untouched beach.

You need to hike almost a km from the road to get to the sea shore at tondavali but it is totally worth the drain. When you first see a glimpse of the shore from the end of the tree thickets, you will yourself to be Columbus to discover a new land.

Not a single soul here and the sand had just patterns of sea wind. Fine grains of soft white particles urged everyone to feel them without footwear.

Cool waters splashing away one almost feel sorry that no one watches this phenomenon abundantly.

Tondavali beach is a quite beach surrounded by water on three sides with a fantastic view of the river merging in the Arabian offering you just the purest sanctity.

Salient Surrounding

You can visit twin islands Khot-Juva (area 4 acres) and Paan-khot Juva (area 10 acres) by manual boat in Kalaval creek. There is also a Sangam point (Confluence point) where Kalaval creek joins Arabian Sea. Tondavali sea-shore has lush green Cyprus orchard and taking a siesta here is soothing experience.

You can have a direct view of ‘Kavada rock’ in the deep sea from here.

Tondavli has two main temples worth visiting. Shri Vagheshwar, a village-deity and Shri Datta Mandir.Talashil has Shri Gopal-krishna Temple with beautiful carvings.

Keen and enthusiastic anglers can have the ultimate joy of fishing from Kalaval Bridge and patiently wait for the catch.

The main occupation of Tondavli villagers is fishing and one can test variety of local fish (Bangada, surmai, Paplet, Kolambi and Tarli) here. Beyond The Kalaval Bridge in Revadi village [Famous as late Macchindra Kambli (great name In Marathi theatre’s) village] Bhadrakali temple is worth visiting and you can visit this temple by boat from Talashil.

At the south of Tondavli Sarjekot port is being developed while at the North World-class ‘sea-world’ project of maharashtra state goverment is proposed to take shape in near future.

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