Tarkarli Beach

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Beaches » Tarkarli Beach

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Welcome to the world famous Tarkarli beach – an integral part of Konkan tourism.

Tarkarli is a narrow stretch of beach with pristine waters, Situated at Malvan in Sindhudurga District, at the west coast of India; this place has gained prominence because of its transparently clear seas, where on a fairly sunny day; one can see the sea- bed up to a depth of 20 feet. This beach can be rightly called as ‘Queen Beach’ of Sindhudurg. A day trip circuit is offered to guests staying at Golven resort clubbed with Sindhudurg fort tarkarli beach and evening at kalputri center in pinguli.

Tarkarli being a perfect beach destination offers lots of happenings like long white sand beds, impeccable beauty of waves, coconut trees and corals spread across the area. Cruising boats, house boats are here to venture you at the sea in sparkling blue water.

Adventure lovers have a lot to do at Tarkarli… Varied marine life and availability of Adventure Water sports like Scuba Diving and Snorkeling makes Tarkarli famous.

For beginners, we have well-trained snorkeling guides will guide snorkeling trip ensuring safety and make it sure that you can have the first and finest ever experience of marine life.

Tarkarli is a tranquil and serene beach with long romantic and nostalgia filled walks. While taking a morning walk one can see a group of people pushing the boat into the sea to go for a fresh catch for the day. There were many small and medium sized boats on the beach.

Then, of course, there are the forts, Sindhudurg one of Maharashtra’s more popular and important sea forts, built in the 17th century by Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj and the famous Padmagarh Fort.

While at Trakarli, do make a point to taste our special Malvani food such as variety of fish items, ‘kombadi-vada’.

Female Turtles

The beach is also the trusted zone for the female turtles. It is not uncommon to find a turtle lazing on the beach or hatching and protecting its eggs.

Lay back in the hammock or stroll around, this beach is definitely the right place to recharge your senses in complete sanctity.

The evening walk by the beach is also stress relieving and revitalizing. The night is especially spectacular if it is full moon the silver waves makes the experience totally mesmerizing.

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