Mochemad Beach

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Beaches » Mochemad Beach

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Mochemad beach is just 9 Kms from Vengurla, on the way to Shiroda from Vengurla which is surrounded by 200 feet high mountains and hills. Tourist seeking privacy and comfort often visit this place.

Here water is pure and clean and the waves of the Arabian Sea splash on the beach obstinately. The placid environment of the Mochemad beach mesmerizes every visitor. This water is safe for swimming and the beach is isolated from the normal hustle associated with any beach. Mochemad beach is 8 km from Golven Resort

The unhurried atmosphere of Mochemad makes it the top 10 beaches of India.

Mochemad basically is a beautiful creak piercing in the main land with truly exotic bird’s eye views. The Mochemad village near Vengurla is beautifully placed in the arms of several green hills and a few mountains.

The long stretch of the beach with clean sand presents a picturesque view of a dream beach straight from a portrait. This gives feeling of the village being placed inside a bowl and to top it off it has also been blessed with a Golden sand beach that stretches.

Making sand castles and writing the names on the wet sand is the favorite of all kids. The feel of sand slipping from your feet at the beach is thrilling. However, you should be careful about kids playing around in the water. One can also go for a trek from Mochemad to ubhadanda.

Honeymoon Paradise

Rekindle old memories at Mochemad Beach and discover new meanings in life. It is the best place to declare your love in the unruffled atmosphere. Newlywed couples find solace in this beach and get to know each other in a better way just like the sand tries to understand the waves. Exploring the trails leading from the beaches is a fun activity which you will surely enjoy.

Mochemad beach is safe for swimming. You can also enjoy playing beach cricket, volleyball and football. Taking a stroll along the extensive coastline will ease you off from all your worries. Meditating on the beach during sunrise is truly blissful.

Some of the local fruits that you can enjoy around the beach are raw mangoes, cashew, coconut and kokam juice. The fragrance of flowers and mangroves is extremely refreshing. Mochemad beach gets traffic usually during festivals and vacations.

If you want to experience something beautiful that will take you a step closer to the nature, then you will need to book your tickets to Mochemad Beach. You will get obsessed with the beauty which Mochemad beach offers.

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