Mithbav Beach

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Beaches » Mithbav Beach

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Mithbav beach is a serene, calm atmosphere helps the visitor to forget all earthly woes and sorrows..

The slight breeze along with the melodious sound of waves in the sea has a calming effect. While going to deogad a short stopover can be arranged for Golven Resorts Guest to Mithbav beach.

Evening is a magical moments for the beaches.

Viewing sunset from the mithbav beach is amazing.

It has a rejuvenating effect on all the souls in the world.

It is a unique sea shore which is a hub of pilgrims throughout the year.

It has a Betaal Mandir dedicated to a wandering spirit that bears a malefic influence on passersby at dusk.

Gajbadevi temple situated at Mithbav Tambaldeg, on the beautiful sea shore is dedicated to goddess gajba.

A nicely rock carved temple facing the long stretch white sands is exotic scenery.

Mythology says that this temple has close association with the lord Siva temple at Kunkeshwar.

The 18th May every year, the Satyanarayana Mahapuja and Navaratra festival has been done.

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