Kondura Beach

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Beaches » Kondura Beach

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Kondura beach is one of the smallest beaches encased in rocky shore triangle. It is worth visiting to hear sea roar. Kondura beach is one of the rare silvery sand beaches on theKonkan coast. It is near a small village called the place has gained enigmatic characteristics. There is a small cave in a small hill named Kond.

When you reach Kondura, the light breeze will make you feel good as it brushes against your cheeks. Swim in the crystal clear water, pick the seashells, or try your skills and built a sand castle with the fine sand. You can start picking seashells after swim. It is ideal place for birdwatching . kondura beach is 20 mins drive from golven resort and the road is also picturesque as it gooes through hills and sada.

Kondura beach is very smooth, with calm, low waves that gently lap on the shore, providing a soothing background sound that will turn you on for sure. The fresh salty smell of the sea, dancing waves and the breeze slowly passes whispering through your ears bringing that peace inside you.

The green parrots flying above your head, the woodpeckers working on the old coconut trees, the small lizards running a race with the breeze rushing through the nearby bush – all these make you be with nature. If you are lucky you can see The Brahminy Kite (Haliastur indus) also known as the Red-backed Sea-eagle.

Legendary Tribune

Kondura is also famous for a very brilliant novel written in Marathi by the prolific Marathi novelist, writer and playwright Mr. Chintamani Tryambak Khanolkar (poetry under pen name Aarti Prabhu), who unfortunately died before Shyam Benegal made its adaptation as Feature Film.

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