Munge Beach

Munge Beach

Are you in search of clean, lonely, peaceful seashore with no encroachment of mankind …?

Well… if so, you must visit where you Munge / Keundalay Beach. A day trip can be arranged for room guests of our Golven Resort.

Very clean and beautiful white sand, bluish green fresh unpolluted water, coconut palm trees, natural shaped rocks, fishery boats… you name it and we give it at Munge beach… It has everything that will ultimately cure all of your stress.

My aunt and I played around just on the bank of the ocean, where the waves were crashing around our knees and ankles. The water was cold at first, and we had to get our bodies used to chilled temperature. After we had gotten used to the water, we began splashing around and enjoying the salty water surrounding us.

While I am there, all of my obligations are suddenly erased.

This virgin beach is an ideal place for sunbath, looking into the cloudless cerulean blue sky with relaxing and calming sound of waves hitting the shore. The rhythmic pounding of the waves will repress your entire worries.

Stroll around the shore, feel the soft smooth sand beneath your feet; you will be taken in by the soothing atmosphere that encircles you.